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Our buses

We have approximately 30 top modern touring coaches and a wide range of specialized coaches as well: handicap coaches with 16 to 49 seats, mini-coaches and double-deckers with up to 79 seats. Our drivers are highly experienced and serviceminded. Comfort and security is our main concern.

45 to 50 seat coaches

Our 50-seater coaches are designed for comfort, and are ideal for groups of between 16 and 50 people. We use them for everything from short transfers within the city, to several days of roundtrips in Norway and Europe – even as far as the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. In the summer, our coaches frequently take foreign groups to Western Norway. The coaches are “short” enough to travel classic routes such as Trollstigen, Ørneveien and Stalheimskleiva.


53 to 58 seat large tour coaches

The improvement in the road network in both Europe and Norway has gradually made longer coaches possible. This coach type is particularly suited to large groups with a lot of luggage. We can seat two school classes in our 60-seaters. These buses are have the very best facilities and are extremely comfortable.


16 seat minibuses

This is our smallest coach type and is most suited for local journeys or day trips. This is a great way for small groups of up to 16 passengers to travel. Our minibuses are often used by businesses and public services for surveys and guided tours. They are also suitable for transporting wheelchairs. We provide a free trailer for groups with a lot of luggage.



 Disabled-access coaches with space for up to 6 wheelchairs

We have adapted 3 coaches to suit users with special needs. One special feature of these coaches is a wheelchair lift. We can also remove the normal seats to create space for up to 6 wheelchairs, with all wheelchairs secured by a harness. An accessible toilet is installed onboard. The buses are highly suited to both short journeys in the local area, to longer day trips and round trips.


45 seat Vålerenga coach

Unibuss Tur has been a loyal partner of VIF for many years. We are particularly impressed by Vålerenga’s social initiatives: Vålerenga Against Racism, Vålerenga Job Opportunities and Fargerik Football etc. We have invested in a completely new Vålerenga coach for the 2009 season. VIF Football’s A-Team, as well as other VIF teams (hockey, American football, handball etc.) use this frequently. Of course the coach can also be hired by any party!



 Public buses

The Unibuss group is responsible for approximately 70% of the coach traffic in Oslo. This means that we can provide ordinary buses and articulated coaches with space for up to 110 passengers. This service can be used for transporting large groups of people in the shortest possible time. The buses have a low-floor, and are therefore ideal for rapid embarking and disembarking. Over the years, Unibuss Tur has helped transport schools to and from Constitution Day parades. In 2016 we conveyed approximately 25,000 persons in under 4 hours.


Bicycle trailers

We have one trailer with capacity for approximately 40 bicycles, which is in particular demand by the major Birken, Grenserittet and Styrkeprøven bicycle races. It’s much cheaper to hire the bicycle trailer than to rent a van to transport bicycles. The trailer is not just limited to cycling enthusiasts but is also excellent for transporting music groups, Scouts and bands.